OK this is a best guess on which 1969 graduates married other JFK graduates (note they may not still be married).  If you have any revisions, please relay them via the 'CONTACT US' link on the left.

Denise Abadine      married         Michael Smith

Rozita Adams          married     Ronnie Sterling

Katie Austin            married        Robert J. Donovan II

Joelle  Crochet        married         Robert Drouant

Dinorah Gonzalez     married     John Aversa

Sandy Guidroz (1970)  married   Rodney Guttenberg

Evelyn Ibarra             married     John Monjure

Alma Jefferson        married      Gary Davis

Donna Mickel           married    Tommy Morvant

Milda Noe               married         Larry Capponi

Pam Roberts          married         Keith Bordelon

Rhonda Senac       married         Brice (Pinkey) Hatchett 

Paulette Van Atta    married Kim Rowbatham

Audrey Winters      married     Richard Wise