We wish to honor the JFK 1969 alumni who have passed.  There were 589 graduating seniors in our class.  Please provide any updated information you may have via 'CONTACT US'. Note: This list will be updated soon with information collected from 45th Reunion Nov.15, 2014 data.

Paul Alexander
James C. Anglin
Louis Babin III
Johnny Bayer
Marion Berger
Diana Boylan
Betty Braden
Jay M. Clapp
Fred DeKay
Lucy Druen
Gary M. Duvernay
Cliff Franz
Sandra M. Gilyard
Wayne Green
Brice Pinckey Hatchett
Ellen J. Ibarra
Donny Jacobson
A. "BUTCH" Knight
F. Roulene Knowles
Mary Ann Kuretza
Karen A. Luquette
Oran Moffett
John Monjure
Jeannie Vallette Murphy
Theresa Naquin
Louis Nesser III
Janet P. Pittari
Johnny Puzzio
Walter Reboul
Robert "Mark" Ridley (1951-2017)
Celeste "TUDY" Robicheaux
Jane Anne Romaine
Kim Rowbatham
Ester A. Sanford
Enid Schulingkamp Trammell
John Shambra
Tommy Stallings
Laurin H. St Pe III
Merrick W. Swords III
Michael Ed Sykes
Milton Tebbe
Jean Vallette
Ronnie Venezia
Mike Vignes
Maggie Waddell
Nancy Williams