Who can forget how expensive it was to graduate back in 1969?  Compare these actual 1969 cost to what our kids paid and what our grandkids are going to pay.  If you have any additonal cost to add to this list, then please send a note via 'CONTACT US'.

Men's Senior Class Ring                                  $36.22
Women's Senior Class Ring was under        $30.00
JFK Senior Picture                                            $21.00
Ticket to the JFK Senior PROM Dance            $8.00
JFK PROFILE Yearbook                                      $8.00
Ticket to JFK Winter Formal                             $8.00
JFK Card Announcements                                $6.70
ACT TEST FEES                                                    $6.25
SBA Dues                                                             $5.50
Graduation Cap and Gown Rental                  $5.00
Ticket to JFK Spring Formal                             $5.00
Ticket to JFK FAIR                                             $5.00
JFK Sweat Shirt                                                 $3.50
Ticket to JFK Capers                                         $3.00
Ticket to JFK Play 'DINNER'                            $3.00
SENIOR GIFT                                                     $2.00
JFK men's T-shirt                                              $1.25
Donation to JFK COUGAR statue fund          $1.05
Football game admission                                 $1.00
Speech Club three one act plays                    $0.75
SENIOR Reserved parking sticker                 $0.50
School lunch--premium sandwitches           $0.50
School lunch--standard hot meal                  $0.35
Standard parking lot permit                            $0.25
JFK replacement fee for lost report card      $.25
Bus ride one-way                                              $0.10
New Orleans States Item afternoon paper  $0.10
First class US postage stamp                           $0.06
JFK Library overdue book per day                 $0.05
Pay phone local call                                          $0.05

Sales items direct out of the New Orleans States-Item dated  December 19, 1969

MOVADO HIS 14K gold watch, Adler's            $185
MOVADO HERS 14K gold watch, Adler's         $130
YAMAHA  organ, Gruenewald                            $595
Auto 4-speed Portable phono                            $  29
Portable Stereo with cart                                  $   80
Beef Baron Steak House, Prime Rib dinner
    w/Shrimp cocktail baked potato and salad     $4
'Black Beauty BRUNSWICK bowling ball           $23
Sack of Oysters from Jaeger's                              $6

1970 Dart, 4 door sedan, 3 speed                 $2,675
1970 CHRYLER Newport Family Sedan        $3,887
1970 Barracuda, 2 door hardtop, a/c          $2,856
1970 Buick Skylark                                          $2,788


Ford Mustang, 3,175.00
Pontiac, Galaxie 500, 4,200.00
Pontiac, Torino, 4,266.00
1968, Plymouth, Fury III, 2,195.00
1965, Chevy, Impala, 895.00
1963, Corvair, 395.00
Boy's bellbottom slacks, 3.75/2 pairs
Boy's jacket, 8.88/each
Girl's jumper, 3.33/each
Girl's shoes, Buster Brown, 10.50-12.50/pair
Men's jacket, rancher style, corduroy, 17.99/each
Misses skirt, 2.99/each
Women's suit, 69.95/each
Accountant, no degree, 9,500.00
Auditor, degree, 12,500.00
Bookkeeper, 6,500.00
Draftsman, 10,000.00/year
Janitorial services, night, 104.00/week
Manager trainee, 7,500.00/year
Office manager, technical, 17,000.00
Parking lot attendant, 2.00/hour
Program analysis (computers), 12,500.00/year
R & D Technician, 6.500.00
Sales trainee, 1.75/hour
Food & beverages
Apples, McIntosh, .39/3 lb bag
Baby food, Heinz, strained, .09/4.5 oz jar
Bacon, Swift Premium, .89/lb
Bananas, Chiquita, .12/lb
Beef, chuck, .89/lb
Butter, Shop Rite, .77/lb
Cake, Pepperidge Farm, layer, .69/17 oz box
Cheez Whiz, Kraft, .79/16 oz jar
Coffee, Nescafe, instant, 1.27/10 oz jar
Coffee, Savarin, 1.39/2 lb can
Cookies, Keebler, Cocoanut Chocolate Drops, .43/15 oz bag
Corn, Green Giant, Niblets, .20/12 oz can
Crackers, Keebler, Town House, .43/16 oz box
Flour, Gold Medal, .29/5 lb bag
Frankfurters, Armour, .75/lb
Ham, Hormel, chopped, .89/lb
Juice, Minute Maid, orange, frozen, .87/twelve 12 oz cans
Lettuce, Iceberg, .19/head
Macaroni, Shop Rite, .85/five 16 oz pkgs
Margarine, Imperial, .37/lb
Oil, Wesson, .46/24 oz bottle
Onions, Yellow, .29/3 lb bag
Oranges, Sunkist, .59/10
Pears, Bartlett, .29/2 lbs
Pizza, Elios, frozen, .69/16 oz pkg
Potatoes, "A" size Eastern, .49/10 lb bag
Pudding, My-T-Fine, .39/four 4 oz pkgs
Soup, Campbell's, tomato, .10/10.75 oz can
Spaghetti sauce, Ragu, .58/quart jar
Sugar, .29/5 lb bag
Tea, Pantry Pride, .69/100 bags
Turkey, .29/lb
Household & seasonal goods
Bleach, Clorox, .48/gallon
Blender, Oster, 4 speed, 18.99/each
Carpet tiles, Ozite, 9" X 9", 1.00/4 tiles
Clothes dryer, Whirlpool, gas, 139.88/each
Dish detergent, Ivory liquid, .75/37 oz bottle
Frying pan, Teflon, 10", 1.47/each
Garbage can, galvanized steel, 1.87/each
Lawn seed, 19.80/25 lb bag
Paint, Dura-flex, interior flat, 3.69/gallon
Pepper mill, giant, 1.88-2.88/each
Range, Magic Chef, 299.99/each
Refrigerator, Frigidaire, 209.00/each
Sheets, satin, queen size, 6.00-12.99/each
Vacuum cleaner, Singer, upright, 79.88-99.50/each
Washing machine, Whirlpool, 159.99/each
.10/daily paper
Personal care & health
Aspirin, Bufferin, .99-1.49/100 count bottle
Baby powder, Johnson's, .48/9 oz can
Cold medicine, Dristan tablets, .79/24 count bottle
Hair conditioner, Clairol, Great Body, .99/3.5 oz bottle
Hair curlers, GE, electric, 17.83/set
Hair spray, Aqua Net, .49/13 oz can
Make up mirror, Lite-Alure, 3.88/each
Mouthwash, .39/32 oz bottle
Toothpaste, Crest, .69/6.75 oz tube
Weight loss salon, Figure Tone, 25.00/20 visits
Real estate
Houses for sale
Denville, 3 bedrooms, Dutch colonial, 26,900.00
Morristown, 8.5 rooms, 29,900.00
Rockaway, 4 bedrooms, colonial, 39,500.00
Houses for rent
Long Valley, 3 bedrooms, 200.00/month
Succasunna, 2 bedrooms, 250.00/month
White Meadow Lake, 2 bedrooms, 165.00/month
Apartments & rooms
Boonton, 3.5 rooms, 110.00/month
Morris Twp., 6 rooms, garden apartment, 265.00/month
Parsippany, 3.5 rooms, 145.00/month
Recreation & amusements
Bicycle, high rise, children's, 29.88-40.00/each
Cassette recorder, Sony, stereo, 179.50/each
Eight-track stereo tape player, CBS Masterwork, 69.88-89.88/each
Lite Brite, Hasbro, 5.66/each
Movie, 3.00/ticket
Movie projector, Doral, Super 8, 49.99/each
Playing cards, 1.00/4 packs
Radio, GE, AM/FM, table model, 16.83/each
Roller skating party, Livingston Roller Rink [Livingston, NJ], 20.00/10 children
Skittle Bowl, Aurora (game), 4.88/each
Sleeping bag, Coleman, 4 lb, 13.88-16.97/each
Slide projector, Sawyer's Totomatic, 99.99/each
Television, Magnavox, color, 598.50/each
School supplies
Book bag, large, 3.47/each
Composition books, 100 sheets, .28/each
Dictionary, Webster's, .97/each
Glue, Elmer's, .18/1.25 oz bottle
Loose leaf paper, .73/500 count pack
Lunch box, Aladdin, with 1 pint Thermos bottle, .99/set
Marker, fine line, .48/4 count pkg
Pencils, .53/22 count pack
Pens, Bic, .29/set
Ring binder, .69-2.99/each